Across rural Colorado, access to technology and STEM programs is inconsistent at best and yet the jobs of the future demand digital literacy and strong math skills. According to a 2017 survey or rural Colorado schools, only about 25% of rural school students in Colorado have access to STEM learning opportunities.


St. Vrain School District has generously offered to help rural districts who are interested in partnering with them to start a Vex robotics program. If you want to learn more, please contact Axel Reitzig.

The ILearn Collaborative is looking for rural members to receive support in STEM and technology. Click here for more information.

STEM Integration Series has been created and tested in rural districts and is available as professional development across the CREC with needed sponsorship. Click here to see more about our STEM program.


To support all students having access to high demand careers, the CREC developed a 4 part hands-on workshop series designed to build teacher capacity to integrate STEM across the curriculum. The workshop included a special emphasis on using STEM to engage families of English Language Learners. The series was well received across the San Luis Valley BOCES during the 2017-2018 school year and is now available to other rural BOCES and schools.


Students need strong math skills to be successful in STEM. As a result, in the area of Teacher Recruitment & Retention, the CREC continues to build on the work of a successful Math / Science Partnership Grant to ensure that math teachers are recruited to rural areas, receive strong support and are able to ensure student proficiency in math.

To see our work from the 2017 Rural Education Summit, click here.


Youth Engineering and Computer Science Opportunities

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