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 Student-Centered Accountability Program (S-CAP)

Colorado’s accountability system is designed to meet the needs of large districts and is based on a single measure. For rural communities, this often means there are multiple categories where they don’t receive a rating due to their small “n” size. Additionally, communities largely don’t know how to interpret state district performance frameworks in a way that supports their engagement in making the school successful. As a result, rural districts have come together to develop an accountability system and process supported by the community and their peers in rural education that helps them achieve the outcomes families are looking for.



The Student-Centered Accountability Program (S-CAP), is a collaborative effort by rural districts in Colorado to create a more comprehensive and actionable system of accountability than the state District and School Performance Framework.

The S-CAP districts are committed to accountability that factors in the "whole child" and the school environment as part of continuous improvement rather than relying on a single test score. This approach enables stakeholders to have the information needed to make sound strategic decisions and investments.

This Genesis Work Group functions as a research practice partnership thanks to supporters which include  the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, The Nathan Yip Foundation, Generation Schools Network, the University of Colorado – Denver and Battelle for Kids. The goal is to expand to 30 districts by 2021.

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